Husband and wife photographers, John & Sha'Pella Louis, created Louis Photography in 2017. Both share a passion for photography and the creative arts.

John is a fashion photographer that has worked with top modeling agencies across NYC, as well as on television shows, tv personalities, and actors. He enjoys shooting high fashion portraits, beauty and lifestyle portraits and telling a creative story through his lens.

Sha'Pella is a talented artist whose unique perspective allows for capturing the most memorable moments on camera. With years of working within the art, fashion and beauty industry, her experience has trained her to have an amazing eye.

They have a great artistic synergy that is felt by their clients. It's their ideas and chemistry work together to ensure that they get "The Shot." everytime. They know exactly what to say and do to make clients feel at ease and comfortable in front of the lense. It's this secret that leads to an amazing customer experience and breathtaking photos. Together they combine their artistry and creative minds to produce the most beautiful photography. 


Besides photography, the Louis' favorite pastimes include spending time with their children, singing & Playing music, cooking, and traveling together.


Jonathan Louis

Jonathan is a New York City based creative photographer whose work focuses on experimenting with elements and ideas that include playing with shadows, shapes, and creative lighting. He has experience working with film photography, digital editing and color grading.

Fun Fact: He loves to travel across the counrty to vintage thrift shops.

Nneka Peters

Nneka has a fashion and editorial background, giving her the skills to capture big days in magazine-worthy style. Working with parties of any size, Nneka is able to snap the truly candid and authentic moments shared by couples and their nearest and dearest.

Fun Fact: Nneka played the violin and did baton twirling in elementary school

Ashley Galloway

Ashley is a photographer based in New York City. Her work is a natural, warm and intimate style of photography that captures personal and unique moments. She's experienced and passionate about her work, creating beautiful photos with natural lighting and candid emotions.

Fun Fact: Ashley is a former EMT turned creative


Elise & Steven

“I can't say enough good things about this dynamic husband and wife duo. They are true artists and engineers of beautiful photography. I appreciated that they made sure to get the shots I wanted, but the true reason we chose Louis Photography was their incredible ability to capture the energy and true essence of the events they shoot.”

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